An exploration of crafts

A couple of years ago I started 'Fifty Projects'. See the latest ones below,
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It starts with a degree in Civil Engineering, followed by training as a landscape architect. Whilst doing that I discovered Photoshop and so went back to college to do graphic design. Everything I’ve done and continue to do adds to my creative and personal development. If I hadn’t done civil engineering I wouldn’t have even known what landscape architecture was. That lead me to a course which had the best design teachers, and those skills were valuable for graphic design.

I’m still at it, as you will see from my ’50 projects’ project (yes, really, a project of projects…) I’m always trying out something new and adding to my skillset.

After 20 years as a graphic designer I’m now working in fused glass. I love the variety within this one medium and as a relatively new form of glass working there’s still so much to explore. The pieces I have available to purchase are the results of 5 years of kiln forming. It’s likely, given another 5 years, the work will be a little different, but I find that as long as I trust my instincts I have a style that runs through everything I make.

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I live and work in Worcester in the UK. If you'd like to email me