Last week I was chatting with my sister. We were at Art in Action, a large art and craft show with an emphasis on demonstrations.

We’ve always been in to craft, always made things. Looking around at the demonstrations and courses that were available we decided that most of the things on offer were things that we could try at home - printing, calligraphy, jewellery making…

Then Jen said that one of the reasons she'd chosen to be a blacksmith was because it was something that she couldn’t just 'do' - it was a skill she'd had to learn, practice and become good at. And that’s exactly how I feel about signwriting; as my tag line says,  “I practice signwriting because it’s one of the most challenging crafts I’ve ever tried”. I had a go - a one day course - and it wasn't easy! It requires real skill which yes, you can learn, but you have to practice it and only then can you become good. 

But perhaps what it’s really about is how rewarding it is to learn a new skill. We’re just looking for something new; something different to learn. The reward comes from  satisfying our curiosity and ultimately adding a new technique to our skill set.