I always think of myself as a designer, not an artist. But what does that mean?

By my reckoning, design is all about finding a solution to a ‘problem’ where the problem is a task or objective, i.e. you know what you want to achieve. That can be applied to anything from building an informative website to designing a birthday card for a nephew who’s into dinosaurs.

When I think about art and artists, there’s an element of creating something with a deeper meaning. There’s no particular objective, it’s more about exploring an idea, or going on a journey. 

I see design as a practical skill. It does require creativity and you still have to explore different ideas, but if you lose sight of what you’re trying to do, you’re not going to achieve your objective and then the puzzle hasn’t been solved. And that’s the bit that I enjoy. It can be difficult and frustrating and always seems to take you longer than you think it should, but it's ultimately rewarding when you get something that works.