I have a theory that everything you learn, the skills you’ve accrued, will all come together to make your work unique to you.

I sometimes worry when I get distracted with yet another craft project. I like to experiment and try new things. However, it’s only recently dawned on me that all the things I’ve learned over the years have allowed me to make the fused glass pieces that I do today.

When I was still at school I consumed all the art and craft books I could find in the library. I’ve done courses in jewellery making and stained glass, and at home I’ve dabbled with calligraphy and papercrafts, with drawing and painting, with dying fabric, sewing and knitting.

My glass designs are therefore influenced by the things that I like to look at - calligraphy, illustrated manuscripts, art nouveau, architecture. Shaping the wire uses skills I learned in jewellery making classes and my work as a graphic designer allows me to present the work to the world. It all comes together to form the whole package.

My current craft ‘distraction’ is learning how to signwrite. It’s proving to be trickier than I thought, and I don’t plan on becoming a professional signwriter anytime soon, but I’m enjoying it and am excited to see where it might lead my future designs.