For me, as a graphic designer, the design is the most important part of the process.

Paper plan of what I'm going to make

Plan the Kiln Layout

To maximise the use of the kiln, I work out what I can fit in to the available space using paper templates.

Bending the Wire

Using copper and brass wire, the shapes are made using the template as a guide.

Cut and Shape the Glass

The glass pieces are cut to shape as far as possible, then the edges ground to fit within the wires.

Loading the Kiln

Everything is laid out carefully on the kiln base. The wires are sandwiched between two sheets of clear glass.

Fusing and Annealing

The kiln is left on overnight, heating up fairly rapidly, but cooling very slowly to help prevent weakness and cracking.

Finishing Touches

I sew felt pouches for presentation and extra protection.

Photographing the Glass

Photographing the glass turned out to be one of the more difficult things to do...


I take great care in packaging your purchase so that it reaches you in one piece.

Steel Blue Glitter
Blue Bubbles
Pink Bubbles
Drift Light Pull
Treble Clef
Sent in a felt pouch

Contact Me

I live and work in Worcester in the UK. If you'd like to email me