When I started exploring art and craft through fifty projects, I had no idea how much I needed to do it. The premise was to finally get around to some of the things I’d been planning but never quite got around to. I had shelves full of materials just waiting to be used. Sound familiar?

As of Spring 2023, I’ve completed 30 projects, over 3 years. What I hadn’t expected was the coming together of seemingly unrelated projects into something that has grabbed all of my attention. I want to explore, I want to dive into the nuances: for the first time I feel like I want to focus on one thing, all of the time!

What I've tried this last year...

  • Tried and dismissed - Porcelain, Fused Glass Melt
  • Enjoyed, but no plans to try again 
  • Not ruled out 
  • Might do more - Glass Engraving, Pico Pi Coding (for lighting my glass work),
    Fused Glass Tim Carey Style (in a few years)
  • Will do more - Colour Theory, Abstract Painting, Knitting (as a hobby), Glass Wafers, Procreate Animation

This is why I have a problem! I've found more crafts that I want to continue with and less that I can cross off the list. 

Fortunately, the work that I want to focus on is a combination of colour theory, abstract painting and the glass wafer projects. I can see me adding glass engraving in to the mix to create more texture and eventually I'd like to light my work in some way, so I might need to do some more electronics. So these all work together nicely.

Animation on the other hand, fascinates me - not enough to spend all of my time doing it, but I am drawn to it. 

I'm definitely being more selective with my projects and only doing things that I think will be useful - I'm not sure that's good. Some of my best ideas have come from unrelated crafts so I might have to add in some more unusual projects to shake things up a bit.

: :

Talking of animation... I've just signed up for an online class in riso printed animation. 50 Projects continue...



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I live and work in Worcester in the UK. If you'd like to email me sayhello@karendewson.com