At school I was always the arty one; now I’m a graphic designer building websites (because I enjoy the techy side as much as the visual design). I’ve tried jewellery making, sign painting, knitting, drawing. I’ve sewn costumes for my daughter, made birthday cards for my family and knitted a shawl because I wanted to see how ‘short rows’ worked. More recently I’ve ventured into photography and I have a small kiln to make fused glass (whilst learning Korean and going to Tai Chi on Fridays). 

Being interested in so many things has it’s pros and cons. New skills are always useful and I like to combine techniques to come up with new ideas, but I’m so addicted to the instant gratification of attaining a new skill that I tend to dabble and rarely make a finished piece. With this in mind, over the next year or so, I'm taking on fifty art and design projects where I aim to complete some of the ideas I’ve had for a while and not got around to finishing.

I will still be learning, with a couple of courses already booked, and I look forward to meeting some new people and maybe even try a collab or two. Words and pictures will be shared here and on Instagram. Hope you will follow along :) 


*Credit: The picture behind the books (in the header image) is the 2018 Inktober print 'Travellers of the Five Kingdoms' from Mr Jake Parker

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I live and work in Worcester in the UK. If you'd like to email me