I’m finding short projects a bit frustrating...

For years I’ve had a daunting list of things I’d like to have a go at. I’ve gathered books and lists of youTube tutorials and even some of the equipment. It’s actually been quite a relief to try some of them and find that they don’t interest me any more.

And, although this might sound obvious, I’ve realised that there’s no substitute for putting in the hours. I’m getting frustrated when I want to spend more time on something, but the project is finished. I guess that’s telling me when there’s something worth pursuing.

So far…

  • Tried and dismissed - Anodised Aluminium and Resin Casting
  • Dissatisfied with results, will try again - Acrylic Pour
  • Enjoyed, but no plans to try again - Mizuhiki
  • Not ruled out - Collagraph printing and I’ll probably end up sewing something again.
  • Will do more - Stained Glass - definitely. Maedeup - I’d like to be able to tie knots without having to watch the instructions every time. 

Drawing - I’m starting to realise that I would benefit from improving my drawing skills. The daily practice of drawing during Inktober really made a difference to my pen control. I don’t know what I want to draw at the moment, but there will be another drawing project in the future :) 

What’s interesting though is that, after completing 10 different projects, the first thing to pop back into my mind is ‘what shall I put in the kiln next’.

Stained Glass


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