Melting glass scraps in a fusing kiln.

In November 2021 I took an online class with Catherine Dunstan called 'All About Moulds'. And she wasn't kidding! We learned about shop bought moulds, making your own clay moulds, drop-out moulds, plaster moulding... you get the idea!

As I already had most of the materials, I decided to start with a 'pot melt'. They're usually done using a terracotta pot, hence the name, however Catherine demonstrated the technique using a heat proof fibre blanket called 'Silkemat'. The idea is to load pieces of glass (great for using up scraps) in to a funnel like structure. Once in the kiln, the glass is heated to melting point where it pours through the hole and on to the shelf below.


I'm really happy how it turned out - most of the glass had poured through the hole and I'd calculated the correct amount for a small circular piece (~120g). I only roughly levelled my kiln shelf though, so it did settle to one side - at least I know to be more accurate next time.

It's another technique added to my glass repertoire. I'm not sure where or when, but one day I'll be making something and then, 'Ah, I know just the thing' 😉 

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If you're really interested in this technique I would recommend Catherines courses, online or in real life. There's also a Facebook group in which Catherine frequently offers further trouble shooting for those who have taken her courses.