Taster workshop with Adrian Bates.

My porcelain tealightsWhen I get an idea I quite often throw myself all in - getting lost in ideas and possibilities, and research into materials... With this project I just fancied having a go.

I'd seen porcelain vases and pots in craft shops and enjoyed how delicate and translucent they were. When I spotted a taster workshop at the Cheltenham Craft Festival it was the ideal opportunity.

The class was run by Adrian Bates (who makes beautiful ceramic sculptures). The porcelain was already rolled out for us - we were given a small round base onto which we attached a long rectangle to make the sides of a little tea light holder. The rectangle could be decorated by pressing things in to it and therefore creating areas where the light shines through more than others.

Sounds easy enough... but practically, the porcelain is a delicate beast and dries out quickly. If you spend too long decorating your rectangle you can't wrap it around the base or stick the edges together. I managed to make 5 tea light holders although it was all a bit frantic!

Adrian took them back to his studio to fire them and we collected the finished tea lights a week later. 

I don't think I'll be working with porcelain again - it's just not for me. I do have a greater appreciation for anyone who does though. 



Examples of the ceramic work of Adrian Bates

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Whilst porcelain isn't for me, I enjoyed the course and I would recommend you have a look at Adrian's beautiful work. 

Adrian Bates Instagram:@adrian_bates_ceramics or his website: www.adrianbatesceramics.com


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